Shenzhen Metro Group Co., Ltd., founded on July 31, 1998, is a large-scale sole proprietorship SOE under the direct control of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the People's Government of Shenzhen, and the leader in the construction and operation of rail transit of the city, with main businesses covering metro engineering construction, metro operation, investment and financing, resources operation and property management, engineering investigation and design, etc., formed a quaternity industrial chain of metro "investment and financing, construction, operation, resources operation and property development".  
     As of the third quarter of 2016, Shenzhen Metro Group Co., Ltd. possesses registered capital of 44.07136 billion Yuan, total assets of 274.815 billion Yuan, net assets of 182.344 billion Yuan, with asset-liability ratio of 33.6%, and 16700 employees. Shenzhen Metro Group Co., Ltd. has formed "1+3" strategic management and control structure including three business headquarters of construction, operation and property development, and other related subordinate business. The group is divided into nine functional departments and three centers, and the related subordinate business includes municipal design, engineering consultancy, resources operation, property management, and railway management, etc.
     As the main force in the construction of Shenzhen rail transit, since its founding, Shenzhen Metro Group Co., Ltd. has completed the lines 1, 2, 3, 5 and 11 in Shenzhen rail transit project phases I, II and III, with a total length of 210km, and construction tasks of 133 stations and lines. We have synchronously constructed Luohu, Futian, Shenzhen North Station, Shenzhen East Station and other key transport hubs, and completed nearly one hundred municipal agent-construction projects. At present, Shenzhen Metro Group Co., Ltd. is undertaking 5 lines and 7 extension lines in Shenzhen rail transit project phase III and phase III reconstruction, with a total length about 183.9km, and the construction of Longhua New Area Tramway Demonstration Line Project of 11.7km. At the same time, Shenzhen Metro Group Co., Ltd. is positively preparing the construction of the first 11 lines in phase IV, with a total length of 274km. As to the end of 2020, about 435km metro and tramway will be opened and operated in Shenzhen, and it's expected that the scale of rail transit network will break through 1000km in 2025.
     Meanwhile, Shenzhen Metro Group Co., Ltd. is making all efforts to create "comfortable, safe and fast" quality service brand of metro operation, inheriting the operation brand concept of "start from heart and arrive at love". Shenzhen Metro Group Co., Ltd. is now undertaking the operation of 5 metro lines, with a total length of 210km. In the third quarter, the average daily passenger flow on the 5 lines exceeded 3.18 million person-time. After the line 11 was opened, the total passenger flow on our operation network on the day before the Mid-autumn Festival reached the historical peak of 3.7338 million person-time (September 14, 2016). As of September 30, 2016, we realized safe operation for 4294 days. On October 28, 2016, the lines 7 and 9 in Shenzhen rail transit project phase III will be opened for trial operation, the total length of Shenzhen network will reach 285km, and the operation mileage of Shenzhen Metro Group Co., Ltd. will reach 265km.
     Under the concept of "metro construction and city construction", Shenzhen Metro Group Co., Ltd. creatively established the development mode of "rail+property" and realized the sustainable development of rail transit by regenarating land resource through fully utilizing the superstructure space on the first hand, and back feeding the construction and operation of rail transit through the appreciation benefit from metro superstructure and lineside property on the other hand. Today, Shenzhen Metro Group Co., Ltd. is undertaking 10 property development projects in construction, with an under-construction area of about 3.8 million square meters, and realized marketing of 6 projects (Shanhaijin project in 2013, the lot No.10 of Qianhai Shidai project in 2014, Tanglang Town, Shanhaiyun, Jinhui Park, Qianhai Shidai CEO mansion in 2015, and Jinhui park phase II in 2016), with accumulated sales amount of over 23 billion Yuan. With good community response, Shenzhen Metro Estate was awarded the title of Top 10 Shenzhen Real Estate Brand Value Enterprises of 2015.
     In addition, Shenzhen Metro Group Co., Ltd. is also undertaking the operation of advertisement resource, station commerce and trade, and communication resource along the rail transit lines, as well as the management of various properties along the metro lines, at rail transit hubs and metro superstructure. Shenzhen Metro Group Co., Ltd. also acts as the contribution representative of the municipal government in the national railways of Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong, and Xiamen-Shenzhen, etc., and completed the equity acquisition of Ping-Nan Railway Co., Ltd., in 2015.
     In operation, Shenzhen Metro Group Co., Ltd. actively bears social responsibilities, such as the provision of ticket free passenger flow of about 10.3173 million person-time including the old people in metro operation each year, and metro voluntary service of over 115000 person-time, and construction of about 22000 sets of affordable housing at the same time of rail transit construction. We have realized capital incorporation for three affordable housing projects, namely Longhai Jiayuan, Heyueju, and Langlu Jiayuan.
     In recent years, Shenzhen Metro Group Co., Ltd. achieved abundant business fruits from various sectors: construction and investment ranking top in Shenzhen fixed asset investment, operation of go-abroad winning project in Ethiopia, continuous promotion of metro and property market brands, breakthrough in general contracting of municipal design, prosperous operation in the underground space along metro lines in the respect of resources, customer satisfaction in property management of over 96%, and running big and strong of metro industrial chain. At the same time, Shenzhen Metro Group Co., Ltd. has been successively awarded over 90 national and municipal patents and prizes, 10 national prizes including Zhan Tianyou Award and Lu Ban Award, 11 provincial prizes including S&T Innovation Achievement, and over 20 municipal prizes including S&T Progress; the corporate technological innovation, brand advantages, and other soft powers are increasing each year.
     Shenzhen Metro Group Co., Ltd. emphatically advocates and creates the enterprise culture with the core value of "mutual undertaking of responsibilities, mutual creation of values, and mutual sharing of achievements", dedicated in the creation of an learning-oriented enterprise with spirit of strict discipline and humanistic management, harmonious and balanced "iron sole". Persisting on the principle of people orientation, we balance employee benefits with enterprise development, provide our employees with fair career development platform, and realize the mutual development of employees and the enterprise; Shenzhen Metro Group Co., Ltd. was awarded the "Guangdong Provincial Civilization Unit", and "Special Award for Leading Group of Pollution Control and Sanitation Project in Shenzhen" in 2015, and the honorable title of "National May 1st Labor Medal" in 2016.

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